Microgaming Releases Playboy Multi-Player Slot

Content Update: 17/02/2017

What’s better than playing one of the best Microgaming slots of the past year, well how about playing that slot with a bunch of online friends, where you can share in each other’s successes with a mobile casino on the go, chat and enjoy the slot as if you were in a real-world casino?

If that sounds something that you’d enjoy (and who wouldn’t) then you need to take a closer look at this exciting new Playboy Multi Player Slot from the boffins at Microgaming.

For the most part, slot gaming is generally a lonesome pursuit but thanks to Playboy Multi-Player slot, you no longer have to play the slots alone. It’s exciting and innovative multi-player feature adds a whole new dimension to the game, allowing you to interact with other players, and even share in their good fortune.

Of course, multi-player games are all well and good but they would not work if they didn’t have a great base game to start with and the Playboy Multi Player slot is precisely that. Stylish, opulent and elegant with a gaggle of four beautiful girls to lead you on your adventure through the Playboy club, this is a slot that you and your online friends will certainly be agog over.

You can watch each others games as you spin and the Bonus thermometer, can allow lucky players VIP access to the free spins feature. Can you and your friends take the temperature high enough on the thermometer to trigger the 90x Free Spin multiplier bonus?

The game also features wilds and a feature which will see 12 free spins triggered at random throughout the base game, and all qualifying players will share in this exciting bonus.

With chat features, the chance to see each other’s spins, working as a team on a slot has never been as cool or as sexy than on the exciting new Playboy Multi-Player slot which can be played at Zodiac Online Casino.

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Excitement Heats Up For Red Hot Devil

Recently released by Microgaming, Red Hot Devil features 25 fixed paylines and a 5×3 reel. Glamorous, seductive and truly entertaining, this slot game has more to offer than just sexy looks. If you’re lucky enough to land 3, 4 or 5 Scatters, you get to choose one of two super exciting Free Spins Features; as an alternative, you can opt for a Pick Until Pop Bonus Game.

Free Spins that boast Red Hot Wild Reels provide 10 Free Spins with 3 Wild Reels on one spin, while Free Spins that feature Red Hot Multipliers provide 10 Free Spins and a 10x multiplier. For a delightful experience, players are free to select a special bonus called Wheel of Fire. There will be ten burning orbs for you to enjoy, and if you uncover a Heart you will awarded with a special prize, and you can try again. The Bonus Game is ended when you uncover the Jester. To make things better, the Special Heart offers a bonus multiplier, thus boosting your wins.

Red Hot Devil comes with a bold, alluring design. The Reels are glamorous and bright, and the firing backgrounds will surely appeal to the senses of the avid player. The devilish look of the platform packs killer curves, symbols in juicy cherries, red lips, glossy snakes and black scorpions. Red Hot Devil oozes a classic rock style with a twist. Each Bonus Choice is highlighted by the most spectacular burst of flames, and if you’re lucky enough to score the Wheel of Fire or Wild Reels Bonus, the sizzling She-Devil with make an appearance and offer you some extra awards.

Winnings are awarded from left to right, excluding the Scatter which pays at random, as soon as 3, 4 or 5 symbols are triggered. A player’s winnings will be multiplied per line by bet. Red Hot Devil has a lot to offer, from dazzling bonuses to endless Scatters and pioneering designs, this Microgaming slot game sure knows how to entertain.

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Do you know what is new in So Many Monsters?

With passing time, ways of having fun are increasing and it is not necessary to go to a land based casino, bid on online slots and things like that. Microgaming has always brought fun for you to your home. Are you ready for its new invention?

The new online slot game is “So Many Monsters”, and our innovative friends (Microgaming) have worked on this slot and came up with a very new concept.

If you are brave and ready to fight, then this game is totally for you. The play line has different options. The game starts with the Skyrim. You enter into a new world through the Skyrim. You have all the options to get into the swing.

There are different types of monsters, Orrian largos, Rhinobeast, giant, Golum and many other new monsters that make the game full of thrill. The addition of Zombies adds a new touch of thrill and adrenalin rush to the game.

When you exit the game there will be some bugs in your system, but these bugs remain with you for very short time.

The game is full of fun; new colors effects and the music tunes of this game make you crazy. The scattered symbols are visible on the rolling wheels. You have to trigger the free spin game, and if your bid falls on any number between 8 and 12, you are in luck. If you make a bonus with a good score, then you get a retrigger and you can boost your balance with this new chance.

When a free spin comes up, it takes many new exiting features with itself. If you score a higher balance then the number of features doubles it. This means you can go to the high score, and high score gives you a golden chance to win a combo.

In addition, if you win, then you have to make a big decision. It is an option for you to gamble your winnings or not.

The game is full of graphics, colors and music. The new music amuses you. This game has got very good presentation. There is also Jackpot on some spins. It is a great value game for you, whether you are a bid monster or not. You will fall in love with this online slot!

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Looking for a “Casino Classic”?

There are certain criteria that define a high quality online casino and so it is time to check whether the catchy named Casino Classic manages to meet this stringent criteria.

The first thing to note here is that the casino boasts a huge number of high quality games. The site boasts almost 500 individual titles, ranging from old time casino classics like roulette, blackjack and craps, through to more modern day casino games such as keno, video poker and of course, the ever popular online slots.

That’s not all though as if you are a member of Casino Classic, you have the opportunity to play any one of 16 progressive jackpot games, many of which offer prizes of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds for the lucky winner.

Best of all, all games are from the Microgaming stable and fully certified by eCogra to ensure that players get a safe and fair online gaming experience; your guarantee of a great game and fair payouts!

You can pay for your games via a host of different methods, including eWallet services such as PayPal, which is great, especially if you are hoping to play via mobile.

That is not all though as new players receive a special welcome bonus from Casino Classic of an hour of free play with £500 of the casinos cash given to you to spend. Whatever you make over the £500 bonus money is yours to keep as your new player bonus.

Best of all, if you aren’t winning, you can restart the hour at any time and replay your bonus introductory offer until you get a win that you are satisfied with, result!

If you are looking for a classic casino to join that ticks all the right boxes for fantastic online casino play, then join Classic Casino today!


The Best Gambling Books of All Time

If you want to become a serious gambler that uses professional techniques to get an edge over the house and come away with more money than you walked in with, these 6 books are a great way to start on that path. With a tremendous amount of information from experienced punters, these books have all the tools you need to bet like a pro.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal thinks are the best books on gambling:

  1. You’ve all heard the expression “the oldest trick in the book”; well, this first title may well be “the oldest book about tricks”! The book is called “The Compleat Gamester”, and was written in – no kidding – 1674! Written by Charles Cotton, this book reveals the tips and tricks that were used in dice and card games in the 17th century.
  2. Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling was written almost three hundred years later, in 1961, by John Scarne, who is considered to be the greatest card magician of his day. It is a comprehensive guide to nearly every aspect of gambling that is of any interest to the modern gambler.
  3. Al Alvarez’s The Biggest Game in Town uses the World Series of Poker of 1981 to create a stunning story of gambling in the 80s. If you love poker, you have to own this book.
  4. David G. Schwartz wrote Roll the Bones in 2006 as a deep look into the history of gambling and the phenomenon of risk-taking.
  5. Lay the Favorite by Beth Raymer takes people into the heart of sports-betting – and does it in an up close and personal way that can only be the result of well-observed and documented personal experience.
  6. No gambler’s list is complete without a bonus win, right? So here it is: Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp, also known as the Father of Card Counting, was a revolutionary tome written in 1962 that revealed to the world a game-changing point system that forced the hands of blackjack dealers from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas and made dozens of casinos lose their winning edge at the game of twenty one. The system has now reached mythical proportions, with two generations of students and a ton of popular media hype kicked up by Hollywood films like 21.

Reading these 6 books on gambling will give you all the information you ever need to know to become a successful punter and a high roller.

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Poor Pocket Cards? No problem with European Blackjack Redeal!

Blackjack is certainly one of the easiest and most enjoyably addictive casino games. The beguilingly simple premise of scoring as close to 21 as possible and beating the score of your opponent, belies a game that is full of subtle nuances, drama and a good deal of strategy.

One of the biggest issues with the game however has always been the problem of being dealt poor cards, or your opponent being dealt a very strong hand, or indeed twisting and receiving a card that does not improve your chances of winning and instead hands your opponent an advantage.

Now in Microgaming’s new release European Blackjack Redeal, the latest addition to their Gold Series of table games, this is no longer an issue thanks to the brand new ‘redeal’ component of the game, available to play in Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

As the name suggests, the redeal option allows players (for a small fee) to ‘redeal’ cards that have put themselves in with less chance of winning. Players can opt to have their own pocket cards redealt, their opponents cards redealt or an additional card they have received from the pack redealt up to five times in one session.

European Blackjack Redeal is played with two packs per game and includes features like splitting and doubling down. Both the player and dealer automatically stand if their cards total 17 or more.

In terms of gameplay, redeal offers something new even for seasoned Blackjack players. The option to redeal cards to improve a poor position really does help the user improve their chances of winning these hands markedly, especially allied to a strong blackjack strategy.

With top quality graphics and gentle ambient music in the background, European Blackjack Redeal is a welcome addition for any serious blackjack fan seeking to give themselves an advantage in this popular casino game.

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