Jason and the Golden Fleece

Slot lovers you are in for a treat with the newest video slot called Jason and the Golden Fleece. In case you aren’t familiar with Greek Mythology, Jason is the leader of the Argonauts who is sent on a mission to obtain the Golden Fleece of a ram. His journey is filled with treacherous travels through the sea and a deadly dragon that guards the Golden Fleece. Bits and pieces of the story are told as you play the slot. It is filled with colorful graphics to enhance the visual appeal.

This slot machine is filled with bonuses that should satisfy even the biggest bonus fanatic.  These bonuses come in the form of tasks, based on the storyline, that must be completed to move forward. The ultimate goal is to create a “brew” strong enough to put the dragon to sleep and claim the Golden Fleece, which of course comes with many financial rewards.

Jason2The 5-reel, 243 line video slot does not rely on bonuses alone to increase your bankroll. There are Wilds, Free Spin rounds that include a 3x multiplier, and scatter pays as well that will help build your credit total. The game can be played for as little as .01 (1 cent) per-line up to .50 (50 cents) per-line so no matter your bankroll there is a denomination for everyone.

Jason and the Golden Fleece is another example of the wonderful innovations that continue to be developed for video slots. The popularity of the second screen bonus games have allowed this game to feature SIX different bonus games which all work together to tell a classic story. For sheer entertainment value alone this game can’t be beat!

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The long wait for the Battlestar Galactica Slot Game…

Prepare for the December invasion! Not Santa and his reindeer, but the dreaded Cylons!

December may be a month best known for its festive celebrations, yuletide joy and a rotund jovial Santa paying a visit to all lucky people across the world. Yet it is also a big month in the world of online slots when the threatened invasion of planet Earth finally arrives! Finally, after many years, the Cylons are here and you can battle them via the fabulous new online slot coming this December, Battlestar Galactica

This fantastic new video slot hits the casinos in December and boasts 5-reels and 243 different winning combinations!

The slot is a direct tie-in to the television series that first premiered in 2003. It starred Hollywood legend Edward James Olmos and was based on the 1970s film of the same name. At its peak, the show was regularly watched by 14 million people and tells the story of a group of human survivors, fleeing from the evil Cylons who have destroyed their former home; Twelve Colonies.

The slot has three different game modes, Normal, Run and Fight, each of which has its own distinctive features and winning combinations, meaning that the user can play the game in a style of their choosing.online casino

Yet within these modes, there is still the traditional variation in the game that you have come to expect from a Microgaming offering. There are two different Free Spin opportunities within the game, which can quicken up the pace of the game considerably and allows the player a chance to significantly increase their winnings.

Throughout the game, Wilds, Split Wilds, Scatters and Multiplies can ramp up the action at a moments notice and help players hit that winning combination of icons. Trigger the Ion Storm while playing and you can hugely increase your winning potential by turning all five reels wild.

Hit 3, 4 or 5 Viper Fighter symbols to trigger 15 Free Spins with the potential of 3x Multiplies as well as Stacked Wilds!

Play the game and as you progress in it, you’ll gain in rank from civilian through to Admiral, offering the player the chance to win increasing amounts of money!

So don’t just look for Santa this December, see if there is a Cylon hiding in your stocking and enjoy a few spins playing the fabulous new online slot Battlestar Galactica! Happy Holidays!

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Brand New in November: Break Away!

Hockey fans may rejoice your ultimate video slot game is here. Break Away is a hockey themed video slot game that captures the true essence of the sport of hockey in a video slot. Even those who may not be hockey fans will be fans of this fast paced, action packed game. The sport of hockey is full of action throughout the game and the same can be said for this slot.

If you like wilds, this is the game for you. There are three different types of wilds including the conventional wild, smashing wilds, and stacked wilds. Each gives the player a greater chance of winning. The smashing wild best represents the game of hockey by having two players smash into each other to create an entire reel of wilds and a guaranteed win. There are more than 40 wild symbols available

The fiery puck is another dynamic feature. It acts as the scatter pay on reels 3, 4, and 5, but also triggers a bonus round of up to 25 free spins. During these free spins there is also another feature called Rolling Reels which can give you up to a 10x multiplier. Needless to say the winnings can be HUGE during this bonus round. In fact, with max bet the Free Spin bonus round can pay up to $100,000. That would be a bonus round you would never forget.online casino

The five reel 243 ways to win game can be played with a wager of .01 to .10 per line. This game has it all including scatter pays, tons of wilds, free spins, multipliers, the new innovative rolling reels, and more. It is sure to be popular with hockey fans, but the average slot player will enjoy it for all the built-in excitement this game has.

Break Away is one of three new video slots to release in November. Octopays and Western Frontier are the two others, and don’t forget about the December debut of Battlestar Galactica.