Poor Pocket Cards? No problem with European Blackjack Redeal!

Blackjack is certainly one of the easiest and most enjoyably addictive casino games. The beguilingly simple premise of scoring as close to 21 as possible and beating the score of your opponent, belies a game that is full of subtle nuances, drama and a good deal of strategy.

One of the biggest issues with the game however has always been the problem of being dealt poor cards, or your opponent being dealt a very strong hand, or indeed twisting and receiving a card that does not improve your chances of winning and instead hands your opponent an advantage.

Now in Microgaming’s new release European Blackjack Redeal, the latest addition to their Gold Series of table games, this is no longer an issue thanks to the brand new ‘redeal’ component of the game, available to play in Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

As the name suggests, the redeal option allows players (for a small fee) to ‘redeal’ cards that have put themselves in with less chance of winning. Players can opt to have their own pocket cards redealt, their opponents cards redealt or an additional card they have received from the pack redealt up to five times in one session.

European Blackjack Redeal is played with two packs per game and includes features like splitting and doubling down. Both the player and dealer automatically stand if their cards total 17 or more.

In terms of gameplay, redeal offers something new even for seasoned Blackjack players. The option to redeal cards to improve a poor position really does help the user improve their chances of winning these hands markedly, especially allied to a strong blackjack strategy.

With top quality graphics and gentle ambient music in the background, European Blackjack Redeal is a welcome addition for any serious blackjack fan seeking to give themselves an advantage in this popular casino game.

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Blackjack for Newbies

It is easy to be impressed with blackjack and develop a wish to try your luck at it. Well, not everyone can be ‘Rain Man’ so you need to have a few tips up your sleeve if you are to avoid making huge losses from the outset. Here are some of the most important blackjack tips for newbies:

Learn the Rules & Strategies

Before you can start playing blackjack, you need to aware of the rules and different strategies to follow. Make it a point to check out a couple of basic strategies so that you at least have some idea of how to play the game.

Stick to 3:2

When playing blackjack, you will have the option to play a game that pays 6:5 on winning. However, the winnings there aren’t as substantial. Therefore, you should stick to playing blackjack where a full 3:2 payout is on offer. This way, you can make the most of an 8-deck game and ensure that you don’t lose out.

The ‘Soft 17’

Only play at tables where you are allowed to surrender the game should you need to. Else, you might have to keep betting beyond the limit you set for yourself. This is essential when playing a 6 or 8-deck game. Also, look for tables where the dealer is on ‘Soft 17’.

Avoid the Martingale System

The Martingale System is one of the most popular betting strategies around. Yet, it is quite ineffective. As far as the system is concerned, the basic premise is that you should double your bet if you lose a hand. This only results in you exhausting your budget quicker.

Stay Rational

Last, but not the least, you have to learn to keep your emotions in check. Don’t place bets based on your gut instinct. Blackjack is a skill-based game and even though luck is involved, keep in mind that luck can go both ways.

These are some of the most important blackjack tips for newbies.

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