The Best Gambling Books of All Time

If you want to become a serious gambler that uses professional techniques to get an edge over the house and come away with more money than you walked in with, these 6 books are a great way to start on that path. With a tremendous amount of information from experienced punters, these books have all the tools you need to bet like a pro.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal thinks are the best books on gambling:

  1. You’ve all heard the expression “the oldest trick in the book”; well, this first title may well be “the oldest book about tricks”! The book is called “The Compleat Gamester”, and was written in – no kidding – 1674! Written by Charles Cotton, this book reveals the tips and tricks that were used in dice and card games in the 17th century.
  2. Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling was written almost three hundred years later, in 1961, by John Scarne, who is considered to be the greatest card magician of his day. It is a comprehensive guide to nearly every aspect of gambling that is of any interest to the modern gambler.
  3. Al Alvarez’s The Biggest Game in Town uses the World Series of Poker of 1981 to create a stunning story of gambling in the 80s. If you love poker, you have to own this book.
  4. David G. Schwartz wrote Roll the Bones in 2006 as a deep look into the history of gambling and the phenomenon of risk-taking.
  5. Lay the Favorite by Beth Raymer takes people into the heart of sports-betting – and does it in an up close and personal way that can only be the result of well-observed and documented personal experience.
  6. No gambler’s list is complete without a bonus win, right? So here it is: Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp, also known as the Father of Card Counting, was a revolutionary tome written in 1962 that revealed to the world a game-changing point system that forced the hands of blackjack dealers from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas and made dozens of casinos lose their winning edge at the game of twenty one. The system has now reached mythical proportions, with two generations of students and a ton of popular media hype kicked up by Hollywood films like 21.

Reading these 6 books on gambling will give you all the information you ever need to know to become a successful punter and a high roller.

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