Loose Cannon – The One-Armed Bandit You Don’t Wanna Mess With

Cannonballs will fly on March 5 as the greatest new slots game since the one-armed bandit is released to the public. Loose Cannon is a romantic tale of pirates, plunder and pretty lasses that gives players pulse-racing palpitations as they blast their way through dangerous waters and come out with a treasure-chest of fun and excitement.

Leave your land legs at home for this sailing adventure of a lifetime! If you think the cartoonish symbols are cute, then you’re in for a pirate surprise, because this is no game for lily livered land lubbers. Fast action and no distraction is what this game is all about, but just wait until you get a warship on the third reel: no chance they’ll ever catch you – the daring buccaneer of the high seas. Instead, watch this expanding Wild symbol turn other symbols Wild until up to 15 Wilds are staring you in the face and waiting to give you that bounty you’ve sailed the seven seas for.

And what better creatively contrarian way that to use a Compass Symbol for the Scatter wins?! This neat little bonus feature gives you the chance to find your way home to riches beyond your wildest dreams. But hark; you have to get the symbols on the first, third and fifth reel to get those delectable free spins – 15 of them, no less. After all, nothing in life is truly free – except for Loose Cannon, the only pirate game that Polly wants a crack at!

The best is yet to come. This is a widescreen game (16:9) so there’s more to fill your screen as well as your treasure chest with. With stunningly rendered graphics and superb sound effects, this game is full of Wild, Bonus and Scatter Symbols bursting at the seams. Aargh, ‘tis a good haul it

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