New Playboy Video Slot out now!

Four sexy girls and a huge jackpot? What’s not to like about the new Playboy Video Slot?

If the prospect of spending a while in the company of four beautiful babes, playing for a potential jackpot of over a million coins, on one of the newest and most elegantly designed video slot games of the year doesn’t make you tingle with anticipation; then you need to try out the brand new Playboy Video Slot and see just what you are missing!

This really is a stylish effort from Microgaming. The elegant black and silver livery is the perfect choice of scheme for the Playboy name and beautifully realised graphics, including those pertaining to the four gorgeous girls really bring the game to life.

The slot boasts 5-reels and a maximum of 243 pay lines per spin. Players can wager up to 150 coins on an individual spin and throughout their gameplay, as they move through the game towards the end levels and bigger prizes they will be accompanied by one of the four lovely ladies.

Kimi starts the ball rolling and introduces you to the Playboy club, offering you a 5x multiplier and up to 10 Free Spins when you land 3 or more scatters on the reels on any spin.

As you progress in the game, Kimi will pass you onto the tender machinations of Sofia, who now offers you 15 Free Spins and the chance to really boost your prize fund on the Running Wilds feature.

Ashley is the third young lady to attract your attention and she’ll grant you access to 20 Free Spins and the Rolling Reels feature in an attempt to increase your winnings and lastly Jillian offers 25 Free Spins and the Wild Night feature, in which all five reals could potentially become wilds, triggering that jackpot win!

With gameplay as slick and attractive as the ladies within, the brand new Playboy Video Slot is well worth taking a much closer look at!

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