Microgaming Releases Playboy Multi-Player Slot

Content Update: 17/02/2017

What’s better than playing one of the best Microgaming slots of the past year, well how about playing that slot with a bunch of online friends, where you can share in each other’s successes with a mobile casino on the go, chat and enjoy the slot as if you were in a real-world casino?

If that sounds something that you’d enjoy (and who wouldn’t) then you need to take a closer look at this exciting new Playboy Multi Player Slot from the boffins at Microgaming.

For the most part, slot gaming is generally a lonesome pursuit but thanks to Playboy Multi-Player slot, you no longer have to play the slots alone. It’s exciting and innovative multi-player feature adds a whole new dimension to the game, allowing you to interact with other players, and even share in their good fortune.

Of course, multi-player games are all well and good but they would not work if they didn’t have a great base game to start with and the Playboy Multi Player slot is precisely that. Stylish, opulent and elegant with a gaggle of four beautiful girls to lead you on your adventure through the Playboy club, this is a slot that you and your online friends will certainly be agog over.

You can watch each others games as you spin and the Bonus thermometer, can allow lucky players VIP access to the free spins feature. Can you and your friends take the temperature high enough on the thermometer to trigger the 90x Free Spin multiplier bonus?

The game also features wilds and a feature which will see 12 free spins triggered at random throughout the base game, and all qualifying players will share in this exciting bonus.

With chat features, the chance to see each other’s spins, working as a team on a slot has never been as cool or as sexy than on the exciting new Playboy Multi-Player slot which can be played at Zodiac Online Casino.

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Are Slot Machines Designed to create Addiction?

Slot Machine Addiction – Are Slot Machines Designed to create Addiction?

In one word, yes. Slot machines provide you with an exciting game play and can make you can addict. Still, there are ways this can be dealt with. So why are slot machines so appealing? There are many answers to this, but the most contributing factor in addiction is probably the rewards. The earnings that slot machines can provide you with are huge and impressive should luck be on your side. This much is enough to lure you, and you try out every game and machine that you come across until you get that reward.

Other than this, slot machines provide a very simple game play that is too easy to comprehend. The collection of the games in huge, and you feel like playing every one of them. As for the graphics, they can be very spectacular at times. Bonuses, wilds and scatters keep you engrossed to the games anymore and you crave to earn that reward.

What is the consequence of all this? You end up losing a lot if you do not win. This does not mean that you should not play slot games altogether; it just means that you should do it in a limit. Here are some tips that can help you with this.

  • Fix your gaming days and hours. Play slot games only during this time; at all other times, do whatever you want but not gaming.
  • Find other pastimes that can keep you engrossed during your free hours.
  • Set your betting limits. Do not play anymore when this expires.
  • Gain more knowledge about gaming addiction so that you realize how serious the problem can be.

So practice these guidelines; you will have immense fun and not become an addict. Good luck with your gaming.

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Different kinds of Slots – and how to pick the right one!

Different kinds of Slots – and how to pick the right one!

One of the biggest parts of winning at slot machines is picking the right machine. This can be a valuable piece of winning sizeable payouts. There are several different types of slot machines available, and each one has different characteristics that need to be understood in order to win.

The first type of machine is a reel machine. These are the slot machines that have physical, spinning reels. These are some of the best odds machines. A reel machine wins about one to two percent more than a video machine.

The second is a double pay bonus machine. These machines offer extra spins that pay more if you win on that spin. These machines are the quickest way to get large payouts and extra spins for free. You get more for your money and bigger payouts if you win on those bonus spins.

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A third type of slot is the progressive slot machine. These machines increase the jackpot amount as players use the machines. You want to look for several things with these machines as they are the largest dollar amount payouts, but they also require the largest bets. You want to look for how much the bet max is on these machines. Most of the time, you need to bet the maximum to win the large jackpot. Make sure that you are using a machine that fits your budget and falls into your bankroll strategy.

The last type of machine is the video slot. These are fun to play and are intensely colorful, but they often have the lowest odds. Since they are computer controlled, they are the easiest for the casino to make adjustments on, so it is better to choose a different type of machine if you are looking for large payouts.

Picking the right machine will help you get the payouts you are looking for and win big!