Do you know what is new in So Many Monsters?

With passing time, ways of having fun are increasing and it is not necessary to go to a land based casino, bid on online slots and things like that. Microgaming has always brought fun for you to your home. Are you ready for its new invention?

The new online slot game is “So Many Monsters”, and our innovative friends (Microgaming) have worked on this slot and came up with a very new concept.

If you are brave and ready to fight, then this game is totally for you. The play line has different options. The game starts with the Skyrim. You enter into a new world through the Skyrim. You have all the options to get into the swing.

There are different types of monsters, Orrian largos, Rhinobeast, giant, Golum and many other new monsters that make the game full of thrill. The addition of Zombies adds a new touch of thrill and adrenalin rush to the game.

When you exit the game there will be some bugs in your system, but these bugs remain with you for very short time.

The game is full of fun; new colors effects and the music tunes of this game make you crazy. The scattered symbols are visible on the rolling wheels. You have to trigger the free spin game, and if your bid falls on any number between 8 and 12, you are in luck. If you make a bonus with a good score, then you get a retrigger and you can boost your balance with this new chance.

When a free spin comes up, it takes many new exiting features with itself. If you score a higher balance then the number of features doubles it. This means you can go to the high score, and high score gives you a golden chance to win a combo.

In addition, if you win, then you have to make a big decision. It is an option for you to gamble your winnings or not.

The game is full of graphics, colors and music. The new music amuses you. This game has got very good presentation. There is also Jackpot on some spins. It is a great value game for you, whether you are a bid monster or not. You will fall in love with this online slot!

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