Jump straight into the New Year with Lucky Koi!

Lucky Koi is a special casino game that is taking Far East gamblers by surprise. It is unmatched and gives players a new way to look at gambling on top of the important break from the ordinary designs that it gives. The game has the Lucky Golden Koi of legend that is proving very popular. The game design is easy and uncomplicated so that every player including those new to gambling can still enjoy. You do not need to be a veteran gambler to take part. After the first few minutes of introduction, you will be ready to make perfect winning spins. Your play will be truly rewarding from stunning graphics and authentic sounds. Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy features of this game.

The main key features of this game include 5×3 reels with 25 play lines, 16:9 windscreen display, a maximum jackpot that exceeds 125,00 coins and stolen lantern that triggers bonus choice features. Other features include wild, multiplier, and scatter symbols, and a bonus choice item to give players an option for free spins.

When you decide to play Lucky Koi, you encounter the Japanese pond turtles, dragonflies, and frogs presented on beautiful pads. The carp in the game presents you with many chances of winning. If you have been playing other slot games, you will definitely find Lucky Koi to be truly refreshing.

Gamblers playing this new game have two types of engagement bonuses; the Lucky Koi and Free Spins. The Lucky Koi takes the player to the delightful pond where you go on a lovely and interactive fishing trip. The second bonus type will give you about 10 to 30 free spins.

The swimming trip from one section to the next provides the player with a truly exciting moment. The player gets a colourful Koi fin to help in wading through shallow waters and skimming via visible pebbles as well as dancing under the lotus flowers and reeds. The main target for the players is the bamboo rod; Nishikigoi. The player gets between 3 and 6 chances to catch Nishikigoi. If the player catches this rod, he is rewarded with additional picks and prizes. Try this new game and you are assured of not playing any other slot for a good number of months.